Hotels especially but also other catering establishments have a high demands with constant heating, cooling and hot water. Running the large variety of appliances necessary to maintain such an enterprise can also generate a high demand for electricity. A solution such as our Quadgen Steam Biomass Boilers are ideal as they have been designed for exactly such a scenario. Combining Heat and Power generation means especially low energy consumption as less fuel is required to do both simultaneousness. This not only reduces costs but also positively impacts the environment. Biomass boilers are not the only energy producing solution suitable for the catering and hospitality sector, in the correct location Solar PV can be an extremely effective method of generating your own power. Whatever system is used the product can be used locally or even fed back into the national grid giving you an new source of income.

To make the best use of your current equipment you may consider Boiler Optimisation, out advanced micro-processor based boiler management system prevents the boiler from firing up unnecessarily and adds a huge degree of control to your heating systems. Voltage Optimisation can ensure that you get the maximum longevity from your existing appliances and that they run at a cheaper cost. Our controls bring your voltage in line with what your appliances actually need instead of the usual 12% extra that abounds in the UK. Similar to Voltage Optimisation, Power Factor Correction can also help your energy bills, you will see savings on any reactive power charges, a reduction in your authorised supply capacity, a reduction in your supply capacity and further improvement to equipment service life.

With over 20 years in the business our Brokerage service can also offer you fantastic savings. We ensure you get the best deal on your energy buy both now and in the future, actively monitoring the markets to take advantage of the trends at any given time.

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