Save 20% on general electrical loads – up to 43% on lighting loads.

Our preferred Voltage Management energy savings system returns real measurable savings of up to 20% on general electrical loads and up to 43% on lighting loads. The fully automatic system utilises highly efficient unique patented technology and is installed in a wide variety of applications. Operations with long opening hours and mixed load applications return the greatest benefits and a fast return on investment, within 1-2 years.

We not only save you money by making your business more profitable, this system also protects all appliances and plant.

To find out how your business will benefit from our Voltage Management energy savings system, contact our team of advisers who will request data from your electricity bills which you can post, email or fax – to qualify the potential impact.

Voltage Management – Reliable Technology

Regulating  pressure down towards mainland European levels (where appliances generally function more efficiently) offers protection from higher voltages experienced in the UK and maintains the designer’s life span of the appliance or plant.  For example – energy efficient LED lighting: a recent study identified 8% saving at lower regulated voltages and premature failure at higher voltages.

Smart Grid is Coming!

IMPORTANT! Smart Grid Compliance is a very important consideration when considering an investment in an energy savings system incorporating voltage management technology, all our energy savings systems are fully Smart Grid ready and will respond seamlessly to grid fluctuations while other less intelligent systems may place the electrical supply at risk to low voltage as Smart Grid is implemented.

Why is Voltage Management so Effective?

The Voltage Management generation of energy savings systems exploit the CE Mark regulations, a European standard which dictates that all appliances must operate safely across the harmonised voltages across Europe.

Mainland European standards dictate voltage levels of between 207V – 243V although our unique voltages levels in the UK of between 216v – 253v and an average 242v, creates the opportunity to manage voltage levels to a level where most appliances will function most efficiently between 220v – 230v described as the design level voltage.

As voltage is a described as a pressure, there is therefore an opportunity to regulate this more towards mainland European levels where appliances function more efficiently and operate on a lower pressure, thus protecting the appliance and maintaining the designed life span of the appliance while returning substantial levels of energy saving.

Find out more about the science here.  Voltage Management is a natural partner of Power Factor Correction (PFC). Using these two systems together vastly improves energy efficiencies and drives highly reliable cost savings. Why not read more about PFC?