Let us reduce your water bill

Am I eligible?

If you’re a business, charity, public sector or not-for-profit organisation in Scotland then due to new government legislation you can take advantage of the competitive market and switch water supplier.

How will switching save my business money?

Non-household water rates in Scotland are now competitive, and switching will ensure you’re getting the best rate.

What savings will I make?

You can save up to 24% on your annual water bill by switching water supplier through Northern Utilities. Our expert knowledge of the market means we can find the best supplier for you. We also negotiate better prices than it’s possible to achieve by going direct to the water companies.

Is it free to switch supplier?

Yes. We use our buying power to achieve the best deal for our customers, and arrange the switch on a no cost basis as we receive commission from the water companies.

How easy is it to switch supplier?

Very easy. We take the hassle out of switching by handling the contract and ensuring a smooth transition to your new supplier. You provide 12 months of water and waste bills, and we do the rest. Switching generally takes less than one month.

How do I switch?

Switch today by contacting us on 01977790211 or get in touch online