Huge energy savings and reduced carbon emissions achieved


The Best Western Calcot Hotel is situated 4 miles from Reading town centre, close to junction 12 of the M4. The hotel boasts 80 rooms with extensive conference, banqueting and entertainment facilities, attracting business and leisure customers alike.


Owner Ian Dunn had long sought ways the hotel could reduce it’s energy consumption in the face of a prolonged period of price increases.

“We are always looking for ways of reducing energy costs. Heating is naturally a major factor component of that, but costs reductions must never be allowed to compromise our residents comfort, both in terms of hearing and continuous hot water availability.”


A free survey of the hotel’s heating systems was arranged and a report prepared detailing recommendations for the installation of Intelligent Energy Management Controls.

Our controls are designed to automatically adjust the firing of the boiler plant to meet the varying demands placed upon it, ensuring that heating and hot water is provided as required at all times, whilst allowing for changes in outside temperature.

The system was installed in Calcot Hotel in October 2010. Ian Dunn said “During the period November ’10 to February ’22 we recorded a reduction in overall gas consumption compared to the same period the previous year of 20%.”

“This reduction is all the more impressive as we obviously use a large amount of gas for cooking and hot water and these are separate boilers. Importantly we have experienced no adverse effects on out residents comfort.”

Help Protect the Environment

Ian Dunn – Ower Best Western Calcot Hotel

A key benefit of installing the controls was the reduction of the hotel’s greenhouse gas emissions, helping to reduce it’s carbon footprint.

Ian Dunn was impressed, “Reducing gas consumption by over 20% meas we have reduced our greenhouse gas emissions by a similar amount.”

The hotel was able to fund the installation through an interest free loan available from the Carbon Trust, the organisation was set up by DEFRA to support businesses and organisations wanting to reduce their carbon footprint.

This was made possible under the Carbon Trusts’ “Action Energy” program, which also enables companies to claim Enhanced Capital Allowances against corporation tax when purchasing energy saving systems.

Ian said “The application process was quick and straightforward,” and “Even had we opted not to apply for the Carbon Trust’s interest free loan the high level of savings achieved meant that paybacks on capital purchase would have been acceptable.”


In summary the Calcot Hotel is very pleased with the performance of the Intelligent Energy Management Controls as they continue to play a part in cost reduction and supporting the Hotels Green agenda.