Rose Hill School is a highly successful coeducational preparatory school set in picturesque grounds in Alderley, at the foot of the Cotswolds. The School, which has 240 pupils including 50 boarders, was founded in 1832 and evacuated from Banstead, Surrey to Gloucestershire at the outbreak of WWII, and has been there ever since.


Rose Hill School needed to reduce its heating costs. Like many hundreds of schools the length and breadth of the country they used to cope with the task of heating the school throughout the academic year using familiar methods. A cold snap? Put everything on full blast. Unseasonably mild? Either open the windows or roast! Not that they didn’t use thermostats of course, but the school like so many with spacious rooms, large stairwells and long corridors, was something of a Leviathan to heat up – and cool down, and then there were the separate outside classrooms.

The schools heating systems were a mixture of old and new, and they needed a more efficient and cost effective way to heat the school using its existing heating equipment. The school had long used a combination of LPG fired boilers for the outside classrooms and Gas/Oil fired boilers for the main house.


A free diagnostic survey of the heating systems was carried out and a report produced detailing recommendations to install Energy Management Systems which are compatible with natural gas, oil and LPG. These could be tailored to monitor and manage Rose Hill School’s heatin requirements intelligently, without disruption or replacement of the existing boilers or pipework.

The recommendations were accepted and a range of Energy Control Boiler Management Systems were installed to manage the various central heating systems.


The school achieved fuel consumption reductions of 24.8%, underlining the accuracy of the free energy report. The energy Management Systems paid for themselves in only 11 months.

The school is delighted with the results achieved by installation of Intelligent Energy Management Systems.