There are a number of ways in which Northern Utilities can help you save money on energy within your commercial operation.

You may have many appliances which could benefit from Voltage Optimisation, both saving you money on energy costs and increasing the life of said appliances.

Generating your own power is an excellent option, our innovative Quadgen Steam Biomass Boilers are ideal for applications with a constant heating, cooling and hot water demand. You could also benefit from Combined Heat and Power, generating electricity and heat simultaneously uses less fuel and therefore not only saves you money on energy costs but also has a positive environmental impact. Wind Turbines are another excellent option for producing your own power. Electricity produced can be used locally or fed back to the national grid generating you an extra income.

If you prefer to stick with your current equipment you can still save on energy costs. Of specialist microprocessor driven Boiler Optimisation equipment can increase your efficiency and our Brokerage service, with over 20 years trading, can ensure you bills are as low as possible.

Please get in touch or arrange a survey to find out more about how we can help your business.