Saving money in industry is an area in which Northern Utilities excels, there are so many opportunities to increase efficiency and decrease costs.

A large part of an industrial operation is the appliances it runs, from production lines to office computers the lives of these devices can be significantly extended using Voltage Optimisation technologies. Voltage Optimisation can also save over 12% of the electricity costs of running these appliances. Power Factor Correction can go hand in hand with Voltage Optimisation, increasing the service life of your equipment along with reducing any reactive power, your authorised supply capacity and your supply capacity, all resulting in lower energy bills.

Installing Energy Efficient Lighting in your premises can reduce your energy spend on lighting by up to 80%, we can offer a variety of options and style of lighting from LED pendants to T5 flourescents.

Producing your own energy can be an excellent way to reduce costs and even create an income. Quadgen Biomass Boilers, designed to produce electricity, heating, hot water and chilled water are ideal for applications where these things are in constant demand. In combination with Combined Heat and Power your energy production can be optimised to a high level of efficiency. Solar PV and Wind Turbines are other excellent ways to generate your own energy. Once you become an energy producer Demand Management could mean you could turn this into another source of income for your business.

If you want to keep your existing equipment but still reduce your energy costs Boiler Optimisation devices can be retrofitted. Northern Utilities can install an advanced micro-processor based boiler management system to avoid dry cycling and spending more than is necessary.

We understand that industrial processes can have massive energy demands. Our Brokerage service, in which we have over twenty years’ experience, can ensure you get the best deal on your energy buy both immediately and on and ongoing basis as we constantly monitor the markets and are keen to present existing customers with the best new options.