The Process

Our initial ‘Walk Through’ audit takes approximately 30-60 Minutes and involves a basic questionnaire and a walk around your premises.  We will provide a detailed analysis of the energy use for your premises with a view to providing solutions to reduce consumption, costs and CO2 emissions.

Once we have details of current demand and usage we will provide recommendations to reduce expenditure and improve efficiency. We will provide a business case for each individual recommendation including paybacks and details of the effect the recommendation will have on your business.

We have extensive experience of working with clients with large single sites and large portfolios of smaller site. We have the knowledge and expertise required for retrofit solutions and renewable energy projects including, Solar PV, Wind Turbines, Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps and Biomass.

Solution Specific

Once we have identified specific areas which can be improved, a ‘solution specific’ full audit will be carried out by one of our engineers.  Our engineers can carry out specialist audits for:

Lighting and Controls – Internal and External lights and Time, Presence and Daylight Dimming Controls

Power Quality – including Voltage Management and Power Factor

Heating – Including Boiler Optimisation for Existing Boilers, Biomass and Heat Recovery

Renewable Power – Solar PV, Wind Turbines, Air Source and Ground Source Heat Pumps

Combined Heat & Power (CHP) – Small Scale CHP and QuadGen (Heat, Power, Hot Water and Cooling)

Air Quality – Air Movement, De-Stratification and Air Barriers

Compressed Air – Leak Detection, Energy Efficient Compressors, Intelligent Controls and Heat Recovery

Chillers, HVAC and Refrigeration – Design & Specification of Cooling & Heating Systems