Less than Two Year Payback

NORTHERN UTILITIES IS HELPING businesses save £1 in every five on their electricity bills, cutting thousands of pounds of waste and reducing carbon emissions, in response to rising or recently added charges from electricity Network Operators.

Firms with poor reactive power consumption are discovering they are being hit by a new penalty charge on their bills, piling additional pressure on already rocketing energy costs.

Payback periods on Power Factor Correction equipment to solve this problem are typically within just 2 years.

The increased fees impact most on large consumers, with over 100kw usage – who are now subject to mandatory, half-hour data readings.  Failing to use this information to improve efficiency means often unnecessary and steep rises in costs. But smaller customers do not escape! Where meters do not provide enough information, Distribution Companies may charge for Reactive Power on an estimated basis – saying they are obliged to recover the cost of excess demand.

Why Correct Power Factor?

Director of Northern Utilities, Terry Thorpe, says:

“If you’re inefficient then it’s a bit like paying for too much froth on your beer!  You need to understand how waste energy charges are appearing on your bill to take the first steps to cutting unnecessary costs. Firms with Reactive Power concerns need more current to achieve the same output. But improved smart metering means it can be calculated more accurately –  and that has led to extra charges on bills, which our customers don’t want to pay!”

If you’d like more information, here’s the technical background to PFC.

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Peace of Mind.

WE BELIEVE it’s crucial to carry out a survey before installing PFC equipment; badly chosen kit is likely to overheat and burn out in as little as 2 years or even 2 weeks!   Our trusted partners’ systems typically last over 10 years, offering our customers real reductions in costs and complete peace of mind.

Reliable, good quality power is business-critical for many organisations. Our range of PFC equipment for  low and high voltage systems comprises:

      • Uninterruptable power supplies (UPS)
      • Standby Power systems
      • Power optimisation and energy reduction systems
      • Voltage stabilisers
      • Surge suppression equipment
      • Harmonic filtration systems


Advantages of PFC Systems Include:

LOWER ELECTRICITY BILLS: from £100’s to £10,000’s a year, depending on your usage.

REDUCED REACTIVE POWER PENALTIES : We stop unnecessary surcharges that can increase electricity bills by up to 20%.

CUT CARBON EMISSIONS: PFC lowers the CO2 released into the atmosphere.

REDUCED I2R LOSSES of transformers and electrical distribution equipment.

HEAT REDUCTION in cables, switchgear, transformers and alternators – prolonging the life of your machines.

LESS VOLTAGE DROP, allowing the same cable to supply a larger motor and improving motor starts at the end of long cable runs.